Libertarian dictators and the pot-seller Republican


In the 2012 elections LP nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who served as fiscally conservative and socially liberal republican. I recognized Johson as the most decent LP presidential candidate since Ron Paul. There is a consesus that Marrou was weird in 1992 and that in 2004 Badnarik was strange even by LP standards. But the real tragedy was in 2008 when they nominated for presidential candidate former Republican Congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr and as vice-presidential candidate the author of Millionaire Republican, Wayne Allen Root. With that credentials no wonder how some LPers were calling to re-name the party as The New Republican Party. The flip-flopping of Bob Barr about the War on Drugs, his refusal to Ron Paul endorsement and a lot intra-party fighting were a sad point just few time after Ron Paul Revolution was launched with potential from dissafected republicans to find home in supposed “small government” friendly Libertarian Party. Bob Barr surprised a lot of people when he endorsed Newt Gingrich over Ron Paul in 2012 Republican presidential primaries. Wayne Allen Root did the same for Rommey. Bob Barr was advisor of former dictator of Haiti, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier. Root or W.A.R. as the name of his show even defended Mubarak over the egyptian protestors which he called “anarchists”, there is no surprise thar a lot of the anarchists or at least anarchist friendly LP members were never happy about him. Both Barr and Root had return to GOP but they are everything except “libertarian” they are not individualistic but egocentric in the worst manner. There is no suprise how the libertarian icon is the humble Ron Paul. That is why I’m so happy with the defeat of Bob Barr. I just hope that in the 2016 Nevada Republican Primary for the US Senate a real libertarian enters the race and defeated that dictatorial supporter of Root. What about Gary Johnson some would say that he would become a Republican to get back to office that maybe be true but at least he is cool guy, he is pot-selling Republican. He is a no-drama libertarian able to reach out to radical LPers and regular voters. Jesse Walker writed some time ago in an article The Mad Dream of a Libertarian Dictatorship that there are in some corners of the libertarian universe still autocrat supporters. Rothbard once in Libertarian Forum tells the history of his dissapointment over an LP presidential candidate when he found out he was a Pinochet supporter then Murray express his profound disagreement over the civil liberties violations of the chilean dictator. Economic freedom without individual freedom it’s not liberty. And we are not talking about social conservatives supporters of the “cultural war”, we are talking about totalitarian regimes that had political prisioners. Neocons had the bad tradition of supporting dictators abroad in the name of that these autocrats are market friendly. Walker correctly points out that in many cases instutions like the Cato Institute and others had opposed these kind of regimes but some of his fellows like economist and professional copy-paste speechwriter Hernando de Soto was enthusiastically a supporter of dictators like Mubarak and Fujimori even worked with them. The result was not a only larger and more corrupt states but even with more political inestability. With classic liberals like these why need neocons. But the point that I haven’t taken here is does libertarism means something more than classic liberalism but if so what it means these subject should be a topic of another post. However I still smiling for the defeat of Bob Barr or should I say Babar, a GOP elephant has got down like the autocrats that neocons love so much. People like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson still are giving to the libertarianism a good name. Fighting totalitarian regimes is a libertarian cause and fighting “totalitarian” libertarians is a libertarian cause too.


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