Too much parties and not much fun


Yes the polls are telling than americans want more parties than the democrat and republican duopoly. New York is a particular case where third parties had exist for a long time with the Liberal Party and Conservative Party trying to put democrats and republicans more to the left and the right. But well after the Liberal Party give their ballot line to Rudy Giuliani the tragedy starts and now the party is no more than a website. The Conservative Party is social conservative what it’s a challenge in probably the most liberal state. So why if there are third parties in New York nobody at the national level is speaking about that. Well because of New York allows voting fusion that’s vote for the same candidate on different ballot lines. When the Liberal Party lost their ballot line after endorsing Andrew Cuomo who lost the democratic primaries in 2002, the media start looking for the Working Families Party (WFP). The WFP was a party supposed representative of a working class agenda like labor rights, higher wages, better health care system and quality of public education. But also liberal positions like inmigration reform, reproductive rights and enviromentalism. Things that in theory should sound good for liberals but the issue of they support of only the Democratic Party was part of the tragedy similar to the Liberal Party but in some cases worst. The Liberal Party had endorse usually democrats but they had also endorse republicans and third party candidates. The WFP had endorse democrats over real progressives but still is love by The Nation they even called their readers to vote on the WFP ballot line. In 2006 elections in their ballot line appear the neocon Hillary Clinton. And now they had endorse even more extreme “Rockefeller Republican” in the blue line like Andrew Cuomo for the gubernatorial election. Cuomo a union-basher and supporter of the survaillance state as well of the War on Drugs. Cuomo is the perfect definition of crony capitalist raising taxes to the poor and cutting taxes only to their millionaire buddies. He is also endorse by the Independence Party a weird combination of bussinessmans and a marxist cult lead by Lenora Fullani. But he now wants to create another ballot line the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) for getting women’s votes even if he didn’t pass the Women’s Equality Act. The republican nominee Rob Astorino is also trying create Stop Common Core ballot line even if he is a supporter of corporate takeover of education. But there is a real option in these election for New York independent minded voters the Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins is the Eugene Debs of XXI Century. As Eugene Debs, Howie has been a labor activist his entire life fighting for union rights for workers not for the burocracy that play lesser evil cards endorsing and financing democrats. For radicals, socialist and progressives people like Howie is an inspirations in the fight against corporate capitalism. I believe that suppport for him is not only come from the left but the working class who is tired of the two party duopoly and their destructive platforms for the workers and the ecology. Howie is proposing a common sense plan and has commited his life to fight for social justice and democracy. The Green Party is the only of the third parties in New York that doesn’t work as an alternative ballot line for the two party system. Well but you will say what about libertarians, the LP of the  New York had a lot of internal fights even more than the average LP state party does anybody remember when some party insiders try to nominate Howard Stern for governor. The Constitution Party well is too idiosyncratic quoting paleo Justin Raimondo, in theory they are paleoconservatives but some of them are also part of the christian right that so much harm had done to the Republican Party in trying to push a strong social agenda. They are non-interventionists but in gubernatorial election what are they gonna do. Howie is against the War on Drugs and the Survaillence State something that should get libertarians behind him. Howie is a working teamster, commited citizen and former marine, he is not too liberal he is in fact an eco-socialist but as conservative icon Russell Kirk who voted for the Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas in 1944 many Old Right conservatives would find in a candidate like Hawkins the continuation of a radical american tradition of anti-imperialism, an Empire trying to promote liberal democracy abroad and that in great part is funded by Wall Street corporate criminals like Cuomo’s buddies. Yes there are too much parties and not much fun but if Howie the anti-establishment candidate beat all these fake third parties them it would be fun to listen to the liberal intelligentsia calling for a fusion voting with Republican Party, there were some rumors of Cuomo running as Republican. Rob Astorino is so afraid of Hawkins that he would not go to the debates if the Green Party nominee is there. It would be a fun day with The Nation endorsing a Republican in New York, wouldn’t, wait they just do it.


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