Green Party anarchism


The Green Party is celebrating it’s 30 anniversary of foundation in Minnesota. It’s quite interesting the fact that the most progressive political party in american spectrum was found in the Reagan years. In the 90s there was the Labor Party, the New Party and other projects on the left that never come to something quite clear as the greens.

I discovered the Green Party watching MTV when they show the music video Justify of Rage Against the Machine featuring their 2000 presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Since then when I think in the GP I think in an anti-system organization. More when I found out that Jello Biafra run in their presidential primaries who even said at their convention “I am an anarchist in my personal life. I try to live my life in a way that I don’t need cops or baby-sitters to keep me from infringing on others” what kinda political party does that not even the Libertarian Party who nominates a drug warrior like Bob  Barr over longtime libertarian activist Mary Ruwart just because she was an anarchist. That’s why even with a statist platform name like the Green New Deal I still find more in common with the greens than with the Libertarian Party that since the departure of my personal hero Karl Hess .

Nader surprise me today almost endorsing Jerry Brown for 2016. But wait what about California Über Alles yes I bet Jello and the greens would sing against that “über coporate liberal” if he decides to be again the “progressive” option of the Democratic Party, Brown would become the “hippie” LaRouche if he run for 4th time in the democratic primaries. Maybe in 2016 Nader, independents, libertarians and the greens made sense and unite to fight againt a phony libertarian like Governor Moonbean. Nobody wants a denim police in a Corporate State.


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My main interests are history, politics, film and music. Twitter: @camilomgn
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