Leon Trotsky, Ayn Rand and the bipartisan consensus


In 2008 Ralph Nader’s independent presidential campaign there was real great moment in an interview (minute 40) with Tabitha Soren the former MTV News correspondent who was much cooler than the nixonian Kennedy of the same network. Nader tells that Michael Bloomberg told him that the reason he will not run for president as an indedependent is that according to the pollings that he made 15% of republicans would vote for Leon Trotsky if he is their nominee and 15% of democrats would vote for Ayn Rand if she is their nominee. According to the paleos that said that the neocons are esentially republican trotskysts that shouldn’t be a surprise but are 15% of the republicans really neocons and if so would they be ready to vote for the russian revolutionary. Democrats are they really consider voting for the Objectivist philosopher, I don’t believe that even libertarian democrats (if they were something real) will support her if they could but who knows they are hardcore party liners. In Bloomberg’s logic without the 30% of support it was imposible get elected so why run. The years had past and not so much had change the duopoly still seems to be powerful because of the media don’t dare to speak to the Green Party, Libetarian Party or Constitution Party. Sad is to say the only third party with national coverage was “Connecticut for Lieberman” it would be more precisely the Liberal Warmonger Party. But anyway as Jello Biafra says “Don’t hate the media, become the media” maybe the day that the corporate media would be defeated also the two party system would be over.


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