The Green Decentralist


Matt Funiciello is the Green Party candidate for the 21st Congressional District of New York, which includes Adirondack Park. But unlile many greens he is in favor of the Second Amendment. He is in other positions more near to the Green Party platform like with his suupport of a Single Payer Heath Care, raise the minimum wage and end corporate welfare. But as a baker and small bussiness owner (he owns and runs the Rock Hill Bakehouse in South Glens Falls and the Rock Hill Bakehouse Café in Glens Falls) he had an interesting particular take on some issues that greens don’t mention so much lately. Decentralization. He is in favor of a Food Democracy by supporting real farm policy that in his platfom say is “Support local and organic farming. Cut subsidies to big agribusiness. Rebuild a publicly-owned regional infrastructure to support local farming.”

Funiciello is also reaching out not only to progressives but to conservatives and libertarians. In a long interview with PBS he spoke about the common goals with libertarians and the Tea Party insurgence which are upset over corporate takeover of the country. He is against the Military-Industrial-Spying State. He is not a pacifist but believes in reducing military spending and bring to the troops home to secure the nation. He wants to defense the citizens rights of privacy and stop the surveillance collection of data from the government. He is in favor stop using taxpayers money for polluting projects like fracking. He speaks about a rulling elite that had nothing in common with the workers of the district and only remains in power with the status-quo of the two-party system. In the convention of the Green Party of New York he speaks about being the only candidate who really could represent the disctrict in which he had lived since his childhood.

Funiciello who also had been a longtime progressive activist who had been involve in antiwar protests with Vienam veterans. Along with his workers he is a supporter of labor rights. A true populist alternative. He recieved the endorsement of Ralph Nader who called him “Democacy’s baker.” The progessive icon had said that Funicello “speaks the language of community-owned economies and self-reliance. He also walks the talk, by buying New York State wheat for most of his breads.”

Nader had talked for a while now of a Left-Right alliance and for people following these blog is clear by my posts before that I’m a great fan of both that idea and Nader himself. In my modest opinion Matt Funiciello is the most interesting candidate in these year. His contenders are a liberal Democrat filmmaker Aaron Woolf who had reluctant in speaking to the press and a conservative Republican Elise Stefanik who worked as a staff for George W. Bush and Paul Ryan. Both were the primary choices of their party stablishment. I believe Matt Funiciello could be the choice of the people in 21st Disctrict of New York.


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