The X-Files, anarchism and conspiracy theories


The X-Files was in the 90s one of the most watched TV shows. The science fiction program was basically ralling against the US government and its alliance with the aliens to take back the planet. The show was surprising for his time and several academics were writing about it success not only lefties sociologists also classic liberal Paul Cantor, professor of literature at the University of Virginia. It was not long ago in the Cold War there was censorship to politically incorrect television and it best the sense The X-Files was that. But it was in a different sense than liberal series that promote the idea of conservatives as the enemies. The real enemy of the was the state, but not in the sense in conservative sense either but Tom Piatak had argue that it was the most closely a paloconservative show in Hollywood. I still agree with Paul Cantor in the sense that the series was beyond left and right. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) were moderate characters not interesed in the idosyncratic commentary of the social life in the 90s. The series was not libertarian at least in traditional way, the series was critic of corporations near to the state as a part of an even vast conspiracy. In what could had been easy the result of Robert Anton Wilson script the series always was delightful by its offbeat humour and mystery. The plot wasn’t free market friendly but neither it was to socialist or progressive ideas, in fact there was a brief critic of the Soviet enemy, in the name of Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) a russian-american portrayed as a traitor. The show tend to be oppose to open borders, multiculturalism but had sympathy for JFK, MLK and other left-wing figures.

In the episode Je Souhaite when Mulder was speaking to a genie they talk about the crisis of world is caused by the excess of the human desire an almost anti-capitalist statement in the early 2000 after the boom of the marketing era. Another episode its even more enigmatic Kaddish which deals with anti-semitic assesination, the topic of race violence was in height at the 90s. In First Person Shooter not even the geeks of The Lone Gunmen were capable of dismiss the danger of some technologies.

Back to the main characters Fox Mulder was a patriotic anarchist someone willing to fight in the state but for the love of his country not to a government that he distrust. Fox Mulder looks like a New Left and Old Right hero a kind of FBI version of SDS leader Carl Oglesby. Some people argue that The X-Files was a surprise even Duchovny tells the history at last year New York Comic Con that he was reluctant to believe that a series like that could be filmed. But as the Ron Paul campaign, people were tired of government opression want just to dream in free world maybe but only maybe the system realized with the time that a fundamental part of the american ethos the love of liberty was missing for most part of the culture. But unlike Cantor I don’t think these is the time of classic liberalism, in fact The X-Files was more philosophical anarchist than libertarian. Perhaps these time is also like that.


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