Anarchists for Nader

voteralphNader is not the usual suspect when it comes to talks about cutting government and size of DC power but with his new book Unstoppable: The Emerging LeftRight Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State he is putting back his dream of a citizens coalition against corporations. Could we really talk about a “libertarian” Nader.  Justin Raimondo, editorial director of endorsed in 2004 with his Old Right Nader and in 2008 with his Naderism in defense of liberty is no viceIn both enndorsements there was toughtful reflection on Nader platform like anti-interventionism and anti-corporate welfare. There were even some anarchists than make the point for vote for Nader in past elections. The radical polical band Rage Against the Machine featured him at their music video of JustifyBut the reality was that outside paleolibertarian or left-wing anarchists circles for mainstream libertarians members of the Libertarian Party, Cato, Reason and other libertarian or at least libertiarian-leaning organizations and publications Nader was the enemy even with his presidential campaigns in which he ran against the Washington establishment that he knows so well and that with good reasons fear him. He was against the perpetual marriage between Big State and Big Corporations that ended in Big Government. In a recent interview he told that he would cut half of Washington programs, he always was opposed to bad federal programs (No Child Left Behind, Patriot ACT, even some public housing programs). He recently presented his book at Cato and was interviewed by Nick Gillespie at Reason. He is working seriously in a progressive-libertarian alliance against war, survelliance and corporatism. He is not a libertarian and he never pretended to be one but he has done more for fighting against the Washington Leviathan than the phonies like “small government imperialists” like Rick Perry, Newt Gingrick and other crony capitalists on the right or the fake “progressives democrats” like Charles Rangel on liberal side. I found the picture above in a blog where a comment said about the “Vote Nader” anarchist graffiti that Nader name wasn’t going to be on the ballot box in the election. A presidential candidate campaigning in states where he couldn’t get any votes was quite interesting from an anarchist perspective. Maybe the anarchists where right a vote for Nader was a vote against the two-party system. Does libertarians could realize the naderite dream of a Grand Alliance against corporate-state-militar industrial complex? Only the future would tell us.


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